So, yeah.

It’s been a while.

I’ve been lazy with the camera and not taking many photos this year, but I dragged the camera out for some climbing last weekend at Palm Beach and also this week at the letterpress short course I'm taking with Eric, Tim and Carla.

There’s also a roll of film from my Lomo Fisheye sitting at the local shop waiting to be developed.. I’m hoping they turn out.

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I should at this point throw a link in to Mot and Ness' travel blog, One year. No work. All play.

Not content with the three or so months we spent meandering around Europe on the Hilarity100 almost two years ago, the two of them are now heading off to cycle around the Med for the rest of 2008.

Life really is tough.

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The view’s not bad

The view from our climb in Blackheath... not altogether bad. Judging by the shapes of the dams, I’m guessing we were somewhere around about here on a map.

It’s strange seeing farmland out there — most of the mountains are national park and look more like the view near the famous tourist lookout at the Three Sisters, just a few minutes drive away from where we were climbing.

It’s worth the trek out to the mountains for the space and clear air. It feels like a world away from inner-city Sydney where I spend most of my time, and it’s good to be reminded that under all the concrete, bitumen and brick we’re actually standing on a giant bit of rock.

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